Best Bakery Courses in Delhi – Truffle Nation’s Baking Classes

Whether you are an aspiring baker who wants to be their own boss and run their own bakery or looking for a job at a restaurant run by Gordon Ramsay, finding the best bakery courses in Delhi can be a real pain.

You need professional courses, courses where you will be trained not just to bake but also to run a bakery like a pro. This means you need to understand marketing, menu-planning, recipe development and so on.

Thankfully, we know just the bakery course in Delhi that teaches you everything you need to know.

Located in South, Delhi, Trufflenation is more than just your average baking school and here’s why we believe that.

So What Makes Trufflenation the Best Bakery Course in Delhi?

Trufflenation Review: An Overview
You'll get deep-dive marketing sessions with professional courses
Courses are pocket-friendly
Classes and workshops are hands-on
Very close to the metro station
You get weekend classes if needed
Missed classes with genuine reasons will be compensated
Batches get filled up soon as batches are smaller

1. Marketing sessions are a game-changer

Let’s dig right into one of the biggest advantages of opting for their professional baking courses, the Baker’s Diploma, and the Baker’s Certification courses.

You may learn to bake the best designed and yummiest cake, macaron or cookies but do you want to be left selling to only your friends and family? No, right?

And to reach out to masses, you need to market your business on social media and Google without spending lacs (because giving out flyers and word of mouth just aren’t that effective anymore).

These courses include deep-dive marketing sessions where you will be taught the A to Z of marketing a bakery. This includes setting up pages, running ads, how to put stories, images, etc.

In short, you’ll learn to turn bread into a brand. This is something courses at other baking schools in Delhi like the Academy of Pastry Arts India, IICA, AIBTM, Chef IBPA lack which becomes a huge roadblock for beginners wanting to kick-start their own dream bakeries.

2. You’ll save both time and money

What if we told you that with TruffleNation you can get your Diploma is half the time and save 2-3 lacs compared to Diploma courses at the Academy of Pastry Arts India or Chef IBPA or AIBTM? Yup, believe it or not, at Trufflenation an in-depth Diploma course takes just 4-months and it will cost you a mere Rs. 2,75,000.

But does the lesser timespan mean you learn less?

Not really, most of these other Diploma courses include Culinary Arts and other fancy frills which isn’t something a bakery owner needs to learn in-depth.

Even worse is the fact that with all that additional time, they miss out on some core-skillsets like marketing, staffing, pricing of items, menu-planning and so on (at Trufflenation, the goal is to give you the best value for your money)

3. Professional and Part-time Bakery Courses

Okay, so we have told you plenty about the Diploma course. But did we mention passing your tests and performing well in the class earns you an internship opportunity at Truffle nation itself?  No longer do you have to go from place to place, give interviews after interviews just to get an internship.

But the Diploma and certification courses aren’t the only Trufflenation course worth knowing about. If you are just a hobbyist there’s plenty in the bank for you as well.

From cookies, chocolates, bread to even Europeans Pastries, you can enroll for the modules separately as well. For example, their Artisan Bread Making course teaches you 10+ types of Indian and European bread in just a week for Rs. 30,000.

4. A Hands-on Approach to learning

Have you been to workshops for chocolate making or cookie making where you entered the hall and heard about how you can make them easily using the brand’s premix products?

Or were you watching it on YouTube? Either way, while that will help with basic, if you really want to be an expert and develop your own recipes in the future, you need expert guidance and more importantly, hands-on training.

The biggest benefit of hands-on training is that you get to learn to use the various ingredients, equipment, and machinery under the guidance of expert chefs.

And since every 4-5 students have one trainer watching over them throughout the 3 hours of training means they get individual attention as well (no more feeling like you got lost in the crowd).

While students need to maintain certain decorum while in school, the teachers are very approachable and do not mind you asking the dumbest questions (a doubt is a doubt no matter what).

Oh, and not just that, even after you are done with your course, you can always get in touch with the marketing department or the teachers and get help planning for your new bakery or home business.

5. Success Stories Aplenty

If you are the best bakery course in Delhi, you have got to have a proven track record to back it up, right? Trufflenation has that in plenty.

If you have been looking for dog foods on Instagram, I am sure you have come across the brand Pawpetisserie. This is owned and operated by a Trufflenation student and focusses mainly on baking healthy, hearty snacks for pets.

Similarly, Stanzein started his own cafe by the name MyCafe in Leh while Nilza went on to bake a cake for his holiness, The Dalai Lama while running her own home bakery.

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They aren’t the only ones….

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and maybe, you could be next….

6. Easy Accessibility

Have you ever wished the destination you had to visit was near to a metro station so the commute was easy? Well, Trufflenation is exactly that. Located just about 1 km from the Saket metro station, students have been traveling from all across Delhi for their classes with ease. Even their Malviya Nagar branch is pretty close by.

Best Bakery Classes in Delhi: A Verdict

Trufflenation’s cost-effectiveness in tandem with their in-depth theory and practical classes, course variety, and deep-dive marketing sessions gives them the edge as the best bakery classes in Delhi for any aspiring baker.

Don’t get us wrong. We aren’t suggesting the Academy of Pastry Arts India, IICA, Chef IBPA or AIBTM aren’t good, you’ll learn to bake some lip-smacking there as well. But to get a high paying job or to start your own bakery, you will need more than that.

You need skills to be a leader which means having a detailed idea about pricing, menu-planning, marketing, etc. and that is something you’ll only learn at Trufflenation.