Can a Cake Really Be Healthy?

Can a Cake Really Be Healthy?

You probably already know how to bake the perfect cake from our previous article but can a cake really be healthy? Or does eating a cake mean cheating on your diet?

Whether it is a birthday, an anniversary or just a joyous occasion, one thing that is hard to avoid is a cake and if you are a fitness fanatic with a sweet tooth, life hardly gets any tougher.

So I am sure pretty sure you have spent a considerable amount of time looking for healthy alternatives. And in this article, I’ll be breaking the myths about healthy cakes once and for all.

Can a Cake be Healthy?

Simply put, yes a cake be healthy. Like everything in life, cakes have undergone a huge change as well. For example, you can now get sugar-free cakes, gluten-free cakes, vegan cakes and so on.

And if you are wondering how these cakes were made healthy, it is using whole wheat flours and other similar grain flours. But if you did not want to use flour, there are recipes for flourless cakes as well as the one below.


Other ingredients that help make cake healthy are sugar substitutes such as Stevia, palm sugar, jaggery, fruit sugars to sweeten.

But even if you were to add sugar, how much sugar is too much sugar?

If the American Heart Association is to be believed, 6 teaspoons for women and 9 teaspoons for men are recommended measurements. Keep in mind that this will vary based on your lifestyle.

If you are diabetic, then the daily intake has to lower (as recommended by the doctor) but if you happen to live a healthy life and exercise or walk, you can probably have above 9-10 teaspoons on certain days without it negatively impacting your health.

Types of Cakes that can be healthy

Here is a list of all the various cake types that can be made healthy by switching ingredients.

Tea Cakes

Do you enjoy a dry cake i.e. a cake without any creaming while having coffee at Starbucks? Or do you have a thing for Christmas cakes? Well, these cakes fall in the category of tea cakes. Preparing them requires sugar, butter, flour, eggs, leavening agents all of which can be substituted with healthy ingredients.


This is hands down one of my favorite cakes. After all, who can say no to a slice of New York Cheesecake, right? And thankfully, I can grab some healthy cheesecake as well.

If you like me love this cheesecake you are having a baked cheesecake that is prepared using cream cheese, eggs, sugar, and vanilla. There are also no-bake cheesecakes cream cheese, cream, gelatin.

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So what about Fondant? Are Fondant Cakes Healthy?

While you can find healthy alternatives to the above-mentioned cakes, it is not the case with fondant cakes. Fondant is prepared using glucose syrup or corn syrup, glycerin, gelatine, etc. and thus is rich in sugar.

Now, having it once in a while is fine if your sugar levels aren’t busting through the roof but if you are diabetic, Fondant cakes just aren’t for you. There are no healthy alternatives to fondant.

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